Apicectomy (Endodontic Surgery)

Endodontists are trained to perform variety of surgical procedures to deal with endodontic problems that cannot be resolved in a conservative, nonsurgical approach. Apicectomy is the most common surgical procedure performed by Endodontists.

Apicectomy is a minor surgical procedure usually performed under local anaesthetic that allows surgical access to the tooth root(s) and surrounding bone to remove residual infection or inflammation. The root end is then sealed with special sealant and the area is allowed to heal. Recovery following apical surgery is quick and patients are usually prescribed antibiotic and analgesics to help with recovery after the procedure. In some cases the procedure can be performed under sedation and your options will be explained to you at the consultation appointment.

As with endodontic treatment and retreatment, the surgically treated tooth needs to be reviewed between six to twelve months after retreatment is completed to monitor the progress of healing. Most surgically treated teeth do not need further restorative work because the tooth problem is solved without disturbing or removing the tooth filling or crown.